Angolmois is a BM98-like rhythm game which supports the so-called BMS format for playing.

Originally conceived as an extremely minimal rhythm game that will only be appropriate for strange codes section, it has a unique distinction of being only BMS player natively supporting multiple platforms and recent BMS extensions. The name, Angolmois, was an homage to Project Angolmois, as the final source code was to be shaped as like one of characters of it.1 Therefore it is somewhat different from other popular BMS players.



The current version of Angolmois is 2.0 alpha 2, released in 2013-02-02. This is a major feature release with tons of changes from 2.0 alpha 1. Use one of the following links according to your platform:

The detailed installation method and usage can be found in the included or README.html file. Alternatively, you can read it from GitHub.

The development snapshot of Angolmois can be found in those places:

Angolmois is a free and open source software; you can distribute it in terms of GNU GPL version 2 or later.

theseit project was a full-featured BMS player developed right after the release of Angolmois 1.0. Well, it is now on hiatus too.

  1. The goal was never reached, and only remaining influences are the icon above and copyright notice in the source code. Still, I deeply thank to everyone who took an interest in this project, including Choi Kaya, the very author of Project Angolmois.

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