PyFunge is an implementation of Befunge-93/Funge-98 interpreter in Python. Its goal is fully functional, compliant and optimizing implementation of Funge-98. Strikingly, such implementation is rare, according to Mycology test suite.

This project was started in 2004 at KLDP, forgotten for five years, and finally revived in 2009. PyFunge is a free software, distributed in terms of permissive MIT/X11 license.


The latest version is 0.5-rc2, released in 2009-04-24. (This corresponds to rev eba84bb2d0b8.) This is the second release candidate for PyFunge 0.5.0, and 10--30% faster than the prior release. It also contains the most Funge-98 fingerprints, except TURT fingerprint which may require the graphical support.

You can check out Mercurial repository for bleeding-edge snapshots. There is also more stable repository for 0.5 branches.


The latest documentation can be found at PyPI.

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