Kang Seonghoon

On 2008-11-08. (© Kim Joon-gi)

Kang Seonghoon1 is a South Korean software developer have participated in (and sometimes started) several free & open source projects. I have received a Master of Science degree in computer science from KAIST. My interest in CS ranges from programming languages to human-computer interaction and World Wide Web, and other interest includes music video games, Japanese comics and animations.

lifthrasiir, arachneng and senokay are my current nicknames in use. For KONAMI music video games, I tend to use FLUEGEL and YURUME handles. Albeit out of usage now, I have used other nickname, tokigun, for years, so you may assume that this nickname also refers to me.

See my official curriculum vitae, or contact page for how to get in contact with me.

  1. This is a Korean name (spelled 강 성훈), where the last name comes first and the first name follows it. I don't prefer any other form or transliteration, other than Seonghoon Kang occasionally found in research papers.

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